Inquiry 3- Public Argument Essay

The more you practice, the more you success

Nowadays, there are a couple of ways to become successful easily, but some of them are unfair. For example,  a litter star or even a nobody become famous by speculation, like an unknown girl known by people by the gossip between her and Justin Bieber, a famous singer. As that girl, she succeeded because she started knowing by people. What’s more, some famous people become successful by their parents who are famous and have a good impression on his or her fans. However, these ways for succeeding cannot be used by normal people, so people need to work hard if they want to get real achievement in their own field whatever it is academic, piano, running, speeching or others. Practicing or working hard is the key to success for everyone in every field, especially for athletes. Because practice can improve people’s talents and let them become the best and the most professional person in their research fields or achievements.

As this topic becoming hotter, there are some people think practice or work hard is not necessary for success. Instead of practice, they think talent is the most important factors for people in their way to success. In addition, in most cases, employers prefer the employee who is smarter and has more skills because of his or her talent, like management skill and social ability. For example, in a series of experiments from a month’s edition of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, although the investors said they appreciated “strivers”, which may have no talent for being an entrepreneur but they willing to work hard, the outcome of that research is potential investors support people who have talent over “strivers”(Gregoire). But this example cannot represent all situations when investors finding an entrepreneur. Jack Ma, Chinese successful  entrepreneur who has a famous company called Alibaba. He was not smart and always got F when he was young and just got 1 score for his math exam of college entrance exam. But be did not give up, he tried to apply for 30 different jobs and he started to learn English(Mimaroglu). Then he tried his best and work hard. He went to U.S. and started his career by a translation company. He found he could not find beer, which made in China on the Internet occasionally; hence he decided to found a China page on the Internet where foreigners can look through Chinese products(D’Onfro). So strivers have chances to win the people who are smart and have inborn advantages during competitions because they work hard and practice more. However, if everyone thinks talent is the most important factor for success, some people who have not natural talent will have no confidence when they do something they really like, even they cannot dream.

There are many successful people in the world and they can be famous entrepreneurs, pianists, scientists, or psychologist. Although those famous people are professional in different fields, they achieve their goals by practicing a lot. Sports is popular in our life, like running, swimming, playing basketball, playing football and so on. In addition, there are many successful athletes who are followed by their fans. The reason why they are followed by people is they have strengths, which get by training hard.

Practice makes success because it can grow talents. As we all know, there are some people who have natural and inborn talent, which normal people haven’t, like talents of programming, painting, and running. But talent is not equal to success because people need practice. Like athletes, why practicing important for them? Training is extremely important part of all athlete’s daily routines because athlete’s body will have more strength and endurance by training(“Sports Training”). For example, Jordyn Wieber, who is the most famous team member of the first U.S. Olympic Women’s Gymnastics. She started to practice gymnastics since she was just 4 years old for 5 hours per day, 6 days per week, which was her early schedule. She trained a long time per day so that she had a good foundation of her body and muscles(Cheng). If Jordyn Wieber did not make efforts before she participated in the competition, she would not perform excellently even she had the talent of gymnastics. There is another example, which shows the significance of practicing. Forrest Gump who is the leading actor in the same name movie Forrest Gump. Because of the problem of his spine, his legs needed to wear the stent. It was difficult to walk after worn stents, saying nothing of running.  However, due to his intelligence quotient was only 75, his classmates always bullied him. They ran after Gump and then punched him. Forrest Gump did not want to become a weak man, so he started to practice running. He ran every day. Finally, he got a scholarship to his fast speed of running(Forrest). Talent is a good thing for us, but it will useless if you do not practice. Like Forrest Gump, if he just uses a wheelchair instead of practice running, he would not be got the scholarship and become a star in his team. This is the first reason why practice is key for success.

Practice makes success because it can create new talents. Some normal people have no special talents, but why they still succeed? The answer is practice. Practice make perfect. They become professional in their fields by practicing continuously. Like Sam Priestley, who started to practice table tennis when he was 24-year-old. Sam was one of the worst at any skill-based sport at his school and the reason why he started to try table tennis was he as an international experiment of  “Can an unsporty people become successful just by practice?”. Surprisingly, Sam improved very fast by focusing on purposeful practice. In addition, he held his own against seasoned club players after he practiced table tennis six months(Pickles). From a green hand of table tennis to a table tennis player, practice makes his dream becomes more realizable. In our daily life, nothing is impossible, like Sam, you can improve in the field that you like as long as you practice hard. This is the second reason why practice is key for success.

Practice makes success because it can remedy your limitation and shortage. Nowadays, lacking funds and having low social status as excuses, which people use to complain their failures. What’s more, there is an evidence, which is a conclusion of the study of “who would argue poverty is simply a moral failing” by Oxford University and the Joesph Rowntree Foundation, shows that poverty makes people become negative and lose the confidence of life say nothing about success( Foster). On the contrary, there were many excellent successful men who were poor before they got achievements in their own fields, like athletes of basketball and football, entrepreneurs, scientists, and so on. For example, the famous boxer Bibiano Fernandes was born into poverty. He was abandoned by his father after he lost his mother when he was only 7 years old and became an orphan. So he had to live in Amazon Jungle for hunting and scavenging to survive with his four siblings(Havervold). His experience is tough indeed, but what is the reason why he succeeds now? Although his childhood was unfortunately, he did not give up himself. He practiced boxing everyday and got his achievement. After Fernandes became a famous boxer, he got a lot of rewards and his social status was improved so that he could influence and encourage people who suffered from poverty as well. People who have no hope of success because of poverty can learn from Fernandes, find them interests and try them best to achieve their interests well. This is the third reason why practice is key for success.

In conclusion, although practice is not the only factor for success because talent, money, and social status are also contributing to varying degrees, it is the most important in the way of people’s success. In our daily life, for normal people, they need successful examples to encourage and promote them. For successful people, they can use their experience to influence those people who want to be successful but have not undertaken practice or practiced not enough yet because they lack confidence. Although normal people who have no talents, high social status, strong funds, they can be inspired by those successful examples, whichever the background is same to them. Thus, normal people can achieve their own aims and goals step by step, because they know if they work hard and practice, they will become successful. Through all examples in this essay, it is obvious that successful people get their excellent achievements by practicing a lot and working hard. So, stop worrying about your limitation and shortages, just do it, just focus on what you want and work hard. You will become successful sooner or later!

First Post: 7 Nov 2016

Proposal, CRAAP Test, and Annotated Bibliography of Inquiry 3

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