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Introduction of topic, angle, and purpose

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Reflections of Different Assignments


Slide 1: Hello, everyone! Today, we want to introduce the topic, angle, and purpose, which are important for your prewriting before you start to write your essay. It’s a good way to help you make a good outline , which will helpful for your writing.

Slide 2: Chapter 2 has 5 objectives:

Developing and narrow your topic to respond to any writing situation.

Develop your angle, the unique perspective you’ll bring to the topic.

Identifying your purpose, or what you want to accomplish.

Using your identified purpose to develop a thesis sentence.

Choosing the appropriate genre for your purpose.

Slide 3: Chapter 2 is about topic, angle, and purpose. In class ENG 109, students need to accomplish kinds of assignment to improve their English writing and reading skills, such as summarize and analyze articles and write their own essay.  Ask yourself from this 5 points of view, your topic, your purpose, your angle, your readers and your text. In the next 3 minutes, we will talked about these five.

Slide 4:  Firstly, let’s talked about the topic. We can ask ourselves, what am I being asked to write about?  If you hard to decide what you will write, you can draw a concept map to help you decide it. So the questions are coming, what is concept map? And how to draw a good concept map?  When you design an essay, you need a topic, which can tell you what are you writing about. A good concept will be wrote after you brainstorm, like what good characteristics this topic have, what I’m going to talk about this topic, why I choose this topic, is this topic has any connection to our society issue and so on. After getting a specific topic, you need to consider how to express your ideas and thoughts through your essay. As we all know, there are different ways to express a topic or explain a matter. So, think about different angles of how to introduce your topic. How to make your topic become more interesting or unique.  Then, let’s see how angle plays an important role in our writing. A good essay must have a well point or angle, because it will make whole essay become interesting. And next part is our purpose, we can ask ourselves before writing, What exactly is the assignment asking me to do or accomplish? This part is important in writing thesis statement, because you will need to point what is your essay’s purpose. you need to think what should you accomplish your essay, ie purpose, and write a thesis statement. Finally, choose an appropriate genre and start to write. Audience is your readers, and you want to what kind of group people to read your essays, so we need to ask, who will read this document, and what do they expect? If we answer this question very well,  and the audiences and readers are willing to read and are interested in what you write about. Context, is like we are going to taste this food is good or not. A beautiful context will give a better impression to readers. Context should be cohesively and logically, it will make readers easily to read.

Slide 5: While you start to writing down  things you already know about your topic. Then, as you begin to run out of ideas, go online and enter some of the words from your map into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. As your map fills out, you might ask yourself whether the topic is too large for the amount of time you have available. If so, you need to narrow down topic and create some interesting ideas.

Slide 6: After all preparing works, it’s time to start writing. Knowing how to narrow down your topic is important because it can make your essay becomes more specific and academic. Developing your angles and giving your essay some clear purposes can grab your audience’s eyes easier. Last but not the least, choosing an appropriate gender makes you feeling easy when you writing and organizing your essay.

Slide 7: There are some exercises after every chapter, which is a good way to practice the knowledge that you learned in class or by the book.

Slide 8: Thank you for your listening.

Inquiry 5: Final Reflection


       The end of this semester is coming, and I want to reflect the whole process of course ENG 109 I have taken this semester. To be honest, I did not realize the biggest difference between ACE 113 and ENG 109 at the beginning of this semester after our professor emphasized “academic” again and again in our class. Because we needed to write more academic essays in this course, so there were lots of challenges waiting for me on the way of accomplishing kinds of assignments. Now, I want to reflect my whole semester for ENG 109 through the order, which  preparing each inquiries, new knowledge I learned in each inquiry, how they help me in this class and in my other classes or future life, how to revise them and how to relate the topic to the family and society; on the other hand, I will reflect my disadvantages of studying in ENG 109, and the skills I need to keep working.

          Preparing for each inquiry as possible as you can before you start to do it. Narrow your topic, make sure your audience, write an outline, and design an appropriate structure for your essay are good steps to strengthen the foundation of your essay. For example, Inquiry 1 as the first assignment of this semester in class ENG 109, it made me feel frustrated because I have never written a rhetorical analysis essay before that time. Inquiry 1 required us to write a story, which can show the way people convince others and the rhetorical techniques they use. I started to write down my essay when an idea flashed in my brain instead of thinking the topic deeply. I could not keep writing my essay until I found I gave a wrong example for my audience, which I failed to get the agreement from my parents when I just said “if you can buy a dog for me, I’ll work hard for my study”. After realized that, I deleted all words and started to write an outline for my essay, and I had more ideas when I was thinking. Therefore, it is important to prepare as much as you can before you start your inquiries. Now, preparing advanced is becoming one of the most important steps when I need to do some assignments. For example, in my class of STA 261, I tried to figure out different terminologies of “regression project”, like “Scatterplot with Regression Line” and “correlation coefficient”, then I could use the right techniques to accomplish different requirements. In the future, I think I will make a good preparing before I welcome kinds of challenges.

          Through accomplishing your assignments to practice what you learned. I learned lots of new knowledge from textbook and our professor and new techniques of kinds of software. In my opinion, each inquiry of ENG 109 gave us chance to practice what we learned in class or from our textbook. For example, after we learned  some rhetorical techniques, like pathos, ethos, logos, and kairos, we wrote Inquiry 1, which required us to write the way we use rhetorical techniques to convince people, and Inquiry 2, which required us to analyze rhetorical techniques the author used in their works. Before I wrote those inquiries, I felt confused by different rhetorical techniques and I could not distinguish them accurately because there are lots of “branches”, like emotion, real experience, logical thoughts and so on. Fortunately, I become more familiar with them and use them in correct ways. In addition, we had an interesting task, which is Inquiry 4, we were required to remediate our Inquiry 1, 2, or 3. I opened a blog and remediated Inquiry 2 to show my opinions and thoughts to my audience. This is the first time I use multimedia to accomplish an academic project, and I learned a lot, like how to open a website, how to design my website, how to make a decision of the genre of my project and so on. I appreciate that our professor can give us this task to let us challenge ourselves, and I understand practice makes perfect more deeply through assignments of ENG 109. Now, I’d like to use powerpoint to show people my opinions instead of just using written text on paper, and I think it is important for increasing my confidence by presentations. I will try to share more my opinions from academic fields, like MEDC project to others by uploading videos to YouTube and so on. I think sharing is a good thing, which not only can help others, but can get an improvement to myself.

          Modification is significant for every author who wants to show a perfect work to his or her audience. During this semester, one of our most important task to do was peer review. We needed peer review after we submitted every draft of our inquiries, and we needed to discharge our draft according to suggestions from our peer reviewers. In addition, we can get the feedback from our professor as well by commons or conferences, and I think my professor’s feedback helps me a lot for all my assignments. In order to improve our project or essay, we did presentations for Inquiry 3 and 4 in class. We brought two copies, one was self-checklist, another one needed to be completed by our peer reviewers. Actually, a presentation can not push us to think deeply about our topic and essay, but can let us become more confident and more logical when we speak in front of the public, especially when we graduate from colleges and have jobs. Go to writing center is a good way, which can improve the quality of my works as well. In writing center, I can get the feedback from the student who works in there. For example, Shannon, who worked in home writing center helped me for my Inquiry 3 essay. She suggested that I might identify the possible negative effects of thinking that talent is most important to success. What’s more, after she knew I was a little uncertain about how to give my paper a greater purpose, she suggested that if people only focus on talent, it would prevent them from making goals toward their dreams. After revised my paper, I got a better grade. Fortunately, I got a good grade in my KNH 102 class as well because I noticed the importance of modification. I made two appointments with my professor for my fall break essay, which need me to introduce a good website of losing weight. I asked some question to my professor because I was not sure that my essay was completed, like “how do you think the website I used?” I got some suggestions from my professor. After I revised my paper, I got 20 out of 20. So, do not ignore modification, it will bring success to you.

          Attaching to family and society can make your inquiries more convinced and useful. Focusing on the family and society is a requirement for all inquiries in ENG 109. This point played an important role in Inquiry 3 and 4. For example, Inquiry 3 needs me to write an essay with public arguments. To be honest, finding purpose for this essay made me feel frustrated because I could not give it an accurate definition. I could not grab the main idea of my topic accurate. My professor suggested me to think deeply because most of the opinions in my essay have been known to the public already, and my essay was too normal to absorb readers. So I went to the writing center and talked about my purpose with an American student, finally, I got my purpose, which I wanted to appeal that do not give up practicing whether you have talents or not. I want to bring energetic power to my audience. I think I need to associate more about the real life when I doing research in the future.

         Reflection about my disadvantages and skills I need to keep practicing. Actually, attaching to family and the real society is a challenge for me because I think my logical thoughts are not strong in all of my essays. I need to practice more, like I can use the exercises part from our textbook Write Today. I can list my thesis statement, supporting arguments, and counting arguments under the questions or topics. Then, I can go to the writing center or email me questions to my professor to get some suggestions. In addition, I think I need time to spend more time to practice listing Annotated Bibliographies. It will be useful in the future when I do some projects, which need I research on the Internet or in libraries.

         In conclusion, we can improve and have progressed as long as we pay attention to the tasks we need to do, and work hard for them. In addition, I’m happy to find that I’m becoming more and more academic and professional when I’m writing. Compare with Inquiry 1 and 2, my Inquiry 3 and 4 were more thoughtful and logical. This is one of the reasons why I appreciate this course. What’s more, I really appreciate our professor that she treats us very strict so that we can make a large progress after this semester. Thank you.

First Post: 14 Dec 2016

Reflections of Different Assignments

Dear Readers,

 These are reflections of my different assignments :

For Inquiry 1

This is the Eng 109 assignment of reflection of rhetoric. This is my first time to know the word “rhetoric”, and I have learned a lot during this chapter. During this essay, I chose question A to answer, and shared my experience that how I persuaded my little brother to do his homework and which way and in the end, I succeeded.

At my first draft, I did not express my examples very specific, which was the question that asked by my professor and peer review. After that, I went to the writing center to find help about my essay. During the meeting in writing center, the tutor told me that some of my sentences were not very logically, and I tried to change the way I expressed. In addition, I had some grammar mistakes and I tried to correct them as well. Although my essay is still not very perfect, I try my best to do.

For Inquiry 2

Inquiry 2 is about analyzing a text from its different rhetorical techniques. Before we start to wrote this essay, our professor gave us a pre-writing outline, which could give us more inspiration. I learned about how to write this kind of essay, like summarizing the text; finding some points, whether you think it is a good rhetorical strategy or not, and share your opinions. You can write critically, and give this text a feedback that may be use another rhetorical strategy is better.

From the writing process, I learned that you need to polish your essay times and times even though you think it is perfect. There are many ways you can polish your paper, like thinking about the triangle of your paper, think whether you follow the topic or not; like accepting the suggestions, which from your peer reviews; or like meeting your professor and ask some questions. In addition, I learned how to use logical fallacies after the conference. I add the part of how men feel about the market center. Consider about logical fallacies does not mean you have to use the “rules of logical fallacies”, it means that you need to find some problems that can make your essay better after you solving them.

For Inquiry 3

Inquiry 3 is an arguement essay. My topic is “practice is the key to most prodigies’ success. During my essay, I need to show some powerful evidences to support my supporting. Before the first draft, I finished the proposal and CRAAP Test, which as an assignment to narrow my topic, choose arguments,  and list different sources in a MLA Style format. After my professor said my proposal was not approved, I add the background of my topic and point out my position. In addition, I finished my Annotated Bibliography. It was the first time that I wrote a bibliography, which included sources from newspapers, films and web site. According to research why some people think practice is important for prodigies’ success and some people disagree with it, I started to write my essay.

(Interview)After the first draft of Inquiry 3, I interviewed my math professor last friday afternoon. She was interested in my topic and told me a lot. Compared with talent and some other factors, which support somebody achieve their aims and succeed in their fields, she thought practice or hard work is the most important. She told me a story, which is her own real experience. She was good at math when she was a mathematic student in her university and her grades were good because she had a good foundation of math in her high school. However, she had problem after she started to study for her graduate diploma. She became stressful because her courses were more difficult than that in university and she found that she could not get good grades as easily as before. She noticed it was time to practice more and she did her homework until midnight almost every until she got her graduate diploma. She said practice could improve her ability to use her talent. So this is the reason why she supports “practice is the key to success”.

After the conference with my professor, I got some commons, which gave me some suggestions for my essay. Like adding specific details about my purpose and connecting it to the real society. Actually, I have no ideal about how to expand my purpose. Thus, I went to the writing center and found some help. After that, I added some thing about how to connect the examples and the real world.

I prepared my own oral presentation about my topic in our class and I got the feedback from my peer reviewer and my professor, which I still needed to narrowed down the fields in my essay, so I made some change for my essay.

For Inquiry 5

This is the final reflection cover letter, which means that I need to talk all about  assignments and new knowledge I have finished and learned during this semester. I re-read our weekly syllabus and all my cover letters and essays of Inquiry 1-4 before I started to write this essay, because they could help me to review what I did and what I learned this semester.

I wrote an outline for my Inquiry 5 and listed the five words or phrases about my topic sentences, which showed my thoughts of this essay, like new knowledge, modification, family and society, and techniques. After that, I started to add contents to the outline. In my opinion, new technique play an important role in my Inquiry 5 essay because it helped me a lot through the whole semester.

After submitted the first draft, I received some commons from my professor. She suggested me to add some details about how will I use skills, which I learned from ENG 109, to other courses, even in my future career. In addition, I added some specific points that I still need to work on in the future. I was try my best to make my Inquiry 5 completed and perfect.

For MEDC Project

I chose chapter 2 of our textbook Write Today to accomplish the MEDC project. Chapter 2 is about how to choose and make a decision on your topic, angle, and purpose when you plan to write an essay or paper. At the beginning of doing this project, I had no idea of it. Fortunately, I can refer to my professor’s summary powerpoint of chapter 2. After that, I made an outline for this project, like I added “objectives” and “concept map”, and I accomplished my powerpoint. Then, I started to write the specific details to explain each part, like “what is topic?” and “how to narrow your topic?”, and I wrote the transcript for recording my audio, which would add into my powerpoint. After turned in my complete project, which included complete context and audio, I had a meeting with my group member to revise our work before the due date of final draft. I practiced reading the transcript again and re-recorded our audio, because I thought the more I practice, the more audio sounds frequently.

Through the process of accomplishing the MEDC project, I learned a lot. I knew how to add audio to a powerpoint and how to add video to YouTube. Except I learned a lot of technique skills of powerpoint, I become more familiar with chapter 2. Now, I can make a good choice when I need to choose my topic and I can narrow down my topic in a quick and accurate way.

Thank you,

Zhenyu Sun

Inquiry 4- Remediation

My website:

Overleft Women


According to the requirements of Inquiry 4 project, I opened a website to show my opinions and works of the topic “leftover women”. Now, please let me introduce the process and details of accomplishing this assignment to you.

The rhetorical techniques I used in the progress of opening and designing my website were different from that in the essay of Inquiry 2. For example, I use bigger font size and different fonts to distinguish titles and body. In addition, I used different colors to show different parts of my text as well, like different rhetorical techniques of the advertisement were pink, and tips were blue. What’s more, I added video and images in my blog instead of parts of my written text, because video and pictures are visual so that my audience can get the real emotion, which people want to express, directly. I added a group of data, which can show marriage situation in different ages to my audience.

I remediated Inquiry 2, which focus on analyzing different rhetorical techniques, to accomplish my Inquiry 4 project. Because my original topic of Inquiry 2 was analyzing different rhetorical techniques for SK-II advertisement, I talked about them again at the beginning of my blog, like Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. For example, pathos. In this video, the background music sometimes hurried, sometimes soothing so that it is easily to make audience become nervous and curious for the remains of context of this video. In addition, audience can feel sad, happy, or struggled as the music playing. Different facial expressions of people who speak in the video can express different meanings, like when parents are talking about their daughter’s marriage, they frowning, which means they worried about their daughters. Then, Ethos. Filial duty, which is a traditional culture in China, it is convincing to most of Chinese. In ancient China, Children should obey any thing their parents’ said, whatever it was wrong or right because they need their parents blessing. So, we still can get some information in this video of the limitation of Chinese traditional culture. For example, at the beginning of the video, a father said “I won’t die in peace unless you are married”. What a stressful sentence it is! SK-II as a famous company, this advertisement will influence a lot of people, especially the women whose age is around 25-40 years old because it is time to protect their skin. Finally, logos. Logical thoughts are showed by people’s talking in the video. Different groups of people have different thoughts. The group of women explain why they not get married, some of them have not found their true love yet and they do not want to marry somebody they do not very like; some of them even do not plan to have marriage, they enjoy their single life. After that, interviewees become their parents, and they say do not get married or marry someone too late disobey filial duty. Parents hope their daughter could marry a man as soon as possible and have their own children. This is a continue of life. These rhetorical techniques are applied to the advertisement to convince audience.

What’s more, the reason why I choose Inquiry 2 is I’m more familiar with the topic “’old women’ and their marriage”, it is a common topic around us, especially the women who is time to get marry; and I know I will post all my works in the Internet, so I need to add more information and opinions about the realistic society, like I added a real case about a  leftover woman, who was successful in her career but hadn’t marry because her parents didn’t agree that she got married with her boyfriend who was  a black man. During this project, my position is supporting those women who desire their real love or they don’t want to marry with someone because of freedom.

About my audience, I think they will be the group of leftover women, who haven’t got marry after 30-year-old, and their parents who are around 55-65 years old. Considering different groups of my audience, I added different information to my project. For leftover women, I know their feelings and thoughts after researched this topic, so I wrote some acceptable reasons of why they won’t to get marry even they are “old”, like they want freedom. Although they have boyfriends, they don’t want to bounded by marriage. For parents, I know they want their daughters to find their real love as soon as possible, so I added a picture, which a old man are looking through different brief introductions of some man who haven’t got married as well for his daughter at a marriage corner. I think my audience can touched by that old father because of his anxiety and care for his daughter. Whatever, parents can’t push their children get marry if they don’t want. Everyone hope they can have a happy life with a right partner, so please respect them. I hope parents and their children can understand each other after reading and watching my blog.

The process of my Inquiry 4 is long and complex. Firstly, when I knew that I need to remediate my essay, I was confused by the word “remediate”. What can I do for my Inquiry 4? What form can I use to show my ideas? How can I combine multimedia and my written text? Fortunately, I solved those questions after learned “writing with social networking” in class. I knew there are kinds of ways to share my works to people, like opening a blog, writing articles for Wikis, putting videos and podcasts on the Internet, and so on. I learned that multimedia includes written text, images, videos, podcasts, and so on, so that they make your project more visual and easier to be understood by your audience. In addition, knowing how to design your project is important as well. In the first draft, I didn’t add some visual information, which I would use in my project in the future. After our professor told us what’s the real meaning of “storyboard”, I added my multimedia materials into my draft. But those are not enough. I worried about whether my content was focus on requirements or not, so I signed up a conference to ask my professor some questions. After that, I had a presentation in front of my professor and classmates to display my project and I got my peer reviewer’s feedback. My peer reviewer suggested that I should clarify my main idea, so I added some written text for the part of  “marriage corner”, like everyone hope they can have a happy life with a right partner, but people cannot push others to do things they do not like, such as parents can’t push their children get marry if they don’t want, so please respect them.

In conclusion, this is the first time I use multimedia to accomplish an academic project. Fortunately, I learned a lot, like how to open a website, how to design my website, how to make a decision of the genre of my project and so on. I appreciate that our professor can give us this task to let us challenge ourselves, and I hope my work can help those leftover women and their parents.

First Post: 5 Dec 2016

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Feedback from my peer reviewer:

First, I think you did a great job for your presentation, both the design and pictures are interesting, and the media tool you choose is also brilliant. You choose blog from internet as the media to finish the Inquiry 4 task, which is more interesting than just read an article. At the beginning of your blog, you introduce the background of leftover women by a video. In the video, it introduces how people treat leftover women in China and how Chinese people definite this word. Besides, you introduce how rhetorical important to convince people and introduce the definition of some sample of rhetorical. What is more, you post an example of leftover women and a place in China named marriage corner to show people how Chinese people deal with the problem of leftover women. Last but not least, you post a picture as data to show how the women think about marriage. Actually, I think your main idea of this blog is not clearly. As an audience, I cannot get the why you want to create this blog. It is great that you include different elements in your blog which makes your blog more colorful, but the four parts of your blog do not have strong connection.

    For your present, it is great that you controlled the time really accurate and had many eye contract with audience. I think you should practice more before you present in the class, your speech was not fluency which makes audience feel like you are not confident. It is better if you can speak louder and flouncier.

    Hope my suggestions can be helpful.

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