Inquiry 4- Remediation

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Overleft Women


According to the requirements of Inquiry 4 project, I opened a website to show my opinions and works of the topic “leftover women”. Now, please let me introduce the process and details of accomplishing this assignment to you.

The rhetorical techniques I used in the progress of opening and designing my website were different from that in the essay of Inquiry 2. For example, I use bigger font size and different fonts to distinguish titles and body. In addition, I used different colors to show different parts of my text as well, like different rhetorical techniques of the advertisement were pink, and tips were blue. What’s more, I added video and images in my blog instead of parts of my written text, because video and pictures are visual so that my audience can get the real emotion, which people want to express, directly. I added a group of data, which can show marriage situation in different ages to my audience.

I remediated Inquiry 2, which focus on analyzing different rhetorical techniques, to accomplish my Inquiry 4 project. Because my original topic of Inquiry 2 was analyzing different rhetorical techniques for SK-II advertisement, I talked about them again at the beginning of my blog, like Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. For example, pathos. In this video, the background music sometimes hurried, sometimes soothing so that it is easily to make audience become nervous and curious for the remains of context of this video. In addition, audience can feel sad, happy, or struggled as the music playing. Different facial expressions of people who speak in the video can express different meanings, like when parents are talking about their daughter’s marriage, they frowning, which means they worried about their daughters. Then, Ethos. Filial duty, which is a traditional culture in China, it is convincing to most of Chinese. In ancient China, Children should obey any thing their parents’ said, whatever it was wrong or right because they need their parents blessing. So, we still can get some information in this video of the limitation of Chinese traditional culture. For example, at the beginning of the video, a father said “I won’t die in peace unless you are married”. What a stressful sentence it is! SK-II as a famous company, this advertisement will influence a lot of people, especially the women whose age is around 25-40 years old because it is time to protect their skin. Finally, logos. Logical thoughts are showed by people’s talking in the video. Different groups of people have different thoughts. The group of women explain why they not get married, some of them have not found their true love yet and they do not want to marry somebody they do not very like; some of them even do not plan to have marriage, they enjoy their single life. After that, interviewees become their parents, and they say do not get married or marry someone too late disobey filial duty. Parents hope their daughter could marry a man as soon as possible and have their own children. This is a continue of life. These rhetorical techniques are applied to the advertisement to convince audience.

What’s more, the reason why I choose Inquiry 2 is I’m more familiar with the topic “’old women’ and their marriage”, it is a common topic around us, especially the women who is time to get marry; and I know I will post all my works in the Internet, so I need to add more information and opinions about the realistic society, like I added a real case about a  leftover woman, who was successful in her career but hadn’t marry because her parents didn’t agree that she got married with her boyfriend who was  a black man. During this project, my position is supporting those women who desire their real love or they don’t want to marry with someone because of freedom.

About my audience, I think they will be the group of leftover women, who haven’t got marry after 30-year-old, and their parents who are around 55-65 years old. Considering different groups of my audience, I added different information to my project. For leftover women, I know their feelings and thoughts after researched this topic, so I wrote some acceptable reasons of why they won’t to get marry even they are “old”, like they want freedom. Although they have boyfriends, they don’t want to bounded by marriage. For parents, I know they want their daughters to find their real love as soon as possible, so I added a picture, which a old man are looking through different brief introductions of some man who haven’t got married as well for his daughter at a marriage corner. I think my audience can touched by that old father because of his anxiety and care for his daughter. Whatever, parents can’t push their children get marry if they don’t want. Everyone hope they can have a happy life with a right partner, so please respect them. I hope parents and their children can understand each other after reading and watching my blog.

The process of my Inquiry 4 is long and complex. Firstly, when I knew that I need to remediate my essay, I was confused by the word “remediate”. What can I do for my Inquiry 4? What form can I use to show my ideas? How can I combine multimedia and my written text? Fortunately, I solved those questions after learned “writing with social networking” in class. I knew there are kinds of ways to share my works to people, like opening a blog, writing articles for Wikis, putting videos and podcasts on the Internet, and so on. I learned that multimedia includes written text, images, videos, podcasts, and so on, so that they make your project more visual and easier to be understood by your audience. In addition, knowing how to design your project is important as well. In the first draft, I didn’t add some visual information, which I would use in my project in the future. After our professor told us what’s the real meaning of “storyboard”, I added my multimedia materials into my draft. But those are not enough. I worried about whether my content was focus on requirements or not, so I signed up a conference to ask my professor some questions. After that, I had a presentation in front of my professor and classmates to display my project and I got my peer reviewer’s feedback. My peer reviewer suggested that I should clarify my main idea, so I added some written text for the part of  “marriage corner”, like everyone hope they can have a happy life with a right partner, but people cannot push others to do things they do not like, such as parents can’t push their children get marry if they don’t want, so please respect them.

In conclusion, this is the first time I use multimedia to accomplish an academic project. Fortunately, I learned a lot, like how to open a website, how to design my website, how to make a decision of the genre of my project and so on. I appreciate that our professor can give us this task to let us challenge ourselves, and I hope my work can help those leftover women and their parents.

First Post: 5 Dec 2016

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Feedback from my peer reviewer:

First, I think you did a great job for your presentation, both the design and pictures are interesting, and the media tool you choose is also brilliant. You choose blog from internet as the media to finish the Inquiry 4 task, which is more interesting than just read an article. At the beginning of your blog, you introduce the background of leftover women by a video. In the video, it introduces how people treat leftover women in China and how Chinese people definite this word. Besides, you introduce how rhetorical important to convince people and introduce the definition of some sample of rhetorical. What is more, you post an example of leftover women and a place in China named marriage corner to show people how Chinese people deal with the problem of leftover women. Last but not least, you post a picture as data to show how the women think about marriage. Actually, I think your main idea of this blog is not clearly. As an audience, I cannot get the why you want to create this blog. It is great that you include different elements in your blog which makes your blog more colorful, but the four parts of your blog do not have strong connection.

    For your present, it is great that you controlled the time really accurate and had many eye contract with audience. I think you should practice more before you present in the class, your speech was not fluency which makes audience feel like you are not confident. It is better if you can speak louder and flouncier.

    Hope my suggestions can be helpful.

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