Reflections of Different Assignments

Dear Readers,

 These are reflections of my different assignments :

For Inquiry 1

This is the Eng 109 assignment of reflection of rhetoric. This is my first time to know the word “rhetoric”, and I have learned a lot during this chapter. During this essay, I chose question A to answer, and shared my experience that how I persuaded my little brother to do his homework and which way and in the end, I succeeded.

At my first draft, I did not express my examples very specific, which was the question that asked by my professor and peer review. After that, I went to the writing center to find help about my essay. During the meeting in writing center, the tutor told me that some of my sentences were not very logically, and I tried to change the way I expressed. In addition, I had some grammar mistakes and I tried to correct them as well. Although my essay is still not very perfect, I try my best to do.

For Inquiry 2

Inquiry 2 is about analyzing a text from its different rhetorical techniques. Before we start to wrote this essay, our professor gave us a pre-writing outline, which could give us more inspiration. I learned about how to write this kind of essay, like summarizing the text; finding some points, whether you think it is a good rhetorical strategy or not, and share your opinions. You can write critically, and give this text a feedback that may be use another rhetorical strategy is better.

From the writing process, I learned that you need to polish your essay times and times even though you think it is perfect. There are many ways you can polish your paper, like thinking about the triangle of your paper, think whether you follow the topic or not; like accepting the suggestions, which from your peer reviews; or like meeting your professor and ask some questions. In addition, I learned how to use logical fallacies after the conference. I add the part of how men feel about the market center. Consider about logical fallacies does not mean you have to use the “rules of logical fallacies”, it means that you need to find some problems that can make your essay better after you solving them.

For Inquiry 3

Inquiry 3 is an arguement essay. My topic is “practice is the key to most prodigies’ success. During my essay, I need to show some powerful evidences to support my supporting. Before the first draft, I finished the proposal and CRAAP Test, which as an assignment to narrow my topic, choose arguments,  and list different sources in a MLA Style format. After my professor said my proposal was not approved, I add the background of my topic and point out my position. In addition, I finished my Annotated Bibliography. It was the first time that I wrote a bibliography, which included sources from newspapers, films and web site. According to research why some people think practice is important for prodigies’ success and some people disagree with it, I started to write my essay.

(Interview)After the first draft of Inquiry 3, I interviewed my math professor last friday afternoon. She was interested in my topic and told me a lot. Compared with talent and some other factors, which support somebody achieve their aims and succeed in their fields, she thought practice or hard work is the most important. She told me a story, which is her own real experience. She was good at math when she was a mathematic student in her university and her grades were good because she had a good foundation of math in her high school. However, she had problem after she started to study for her graduate diploma. She became stressful because her courses were more difficult than that in university and she found that she could not get good grades as easily as before. She noticed it was time to practice more and she did her homework until midnight almost every until she got her graduate diploma. She said practice could improve her ability to use her talent. So this is the reason why she supports “practice is the key to success”.

After the conference with my professor, I got some commons, which gave me some suggestions for my essay. Like adding specific details about my purpose and connecting it to the real society. Actually, I have no ideal about how to expand my purpose. Thus, I went to the writing center and found some help. After that, I added some thing about how to connect the examples and the real world.

I prepared my own oral presentation about my topic in our class and I got the feedback from my peer reviewer and my professor, which I still needed to narrowed down the fields in my essay, so I made some change for my essay.

For Inquiry 5

This is the final reflection cover letter, which means that I need to talk all about  assignments and new knowledge I have finished and learned during this semester. I re-read our weekly syllabus and all my cover letters and essays of Inquiry 1-4 before I started to write this essay, because they could help me to review what I did and what I learned this semester.

I wrote an outline for my Inquiry 5 and listed the five words or phrases about my topic sentences, which showed my thoughts of this essay, like new knowledge, modification, family and society, and techniques. After that, I started to add contents to the outline. In my opinion, new technique play an important role in my Inquiry 5 essay because it helped me a lot through the whole semester.

After submitted the first draft, I received some commons from my professor. She suggested me to add some details about how will I use skills, which I learned from ENG 109, to other courses, even in my future career. In addition, I added some specific points that I still need to work on in the future. I was try my best to make my Inquiry 5 completed and perfect.

For MEDC Project

I chose chapter 2 of our textbook Write Today to accomplish the MEDC project. Chapter 2 is about how to choose and make a decision on your topic, angle, and purpose when you plan to write an essay or paper. At the beginning of doing this project, I had no idea of it. Fortunately, I can refer to my professor’s summary powerpoint of chapter 2. After that, I made an outline for this project, like I added “objectives” and “concept map”, and I accomplished my powerpoint. Then, I started to write the specific details to explain each part, like “what is topic?” and “how to narrow your topic?”, and I wrote the transcript for recording my audio, which would add into my powerpoint. After turned in my complete project, which included complete context and audio, I had a meeting with my group member to revise our work before the due date of final draft. I practiced reading the transcript again and re-recorded our audio, because I thought the more I practice, the more audio sounds frequently.

Through the process of accomplishing the MEDC project, I learned a lot. I knew how to add audio to a powerpoint and how to add video to YouTube. Except I learned a lot of technique skills of powerpoint, I become more familiar with chapter 2. Now, I can make a good choice when I need to choose my topic and I can narrow down my topic in a quick and accurate way.

Thank you,

Zhenyu Sun


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