Inquiry 5: Final Reflection


       The end of this semester is coming, and I want to reflect the whole process of course ENG 109 I have taken this semester. To be honest, I did not realize the biggest difference between ACE 113 and ENG 109 at the beginning of this semester after our professor emphasized “academic” again and again in our class. Because we needed to write more academic essays in this course, so there were lots of challenges waiting for me on the way of accomplishing kinds of assignments. Now, I want to reflect my whole semester for ENG 109 through the order, which  preparing each inquiries, new knowledge I learned in each inquiry, how they help me in this class and in my other classes or future life, how to revise them and how to relate the topic to the family and society; on the other hand, I will reflect my disadvantages of studying in ENG 109, and the skills I need to keep working.

          Preparing for each inquiry as possible as you can before you start to do it. Narrow your topic, make sure your audience, write an outline, and design an appropriate structure for your essay are good steps to strengthen the foundation of your essay. For example, Inquiry 1 as the first assignment of this semester in class ENG 109, it made me feel frustrated because I have never written a rhetorical analysis essay before that time. Inquiry 1 required us to write a story, which can show the way people convince others and the rhetorical techniques they use. I started to write down my essay when an idea flashed in my brain instead of thinking the topic deeply. I could not keep writing my essay until I found I gave a wrong example for my audience, which I failed to get the agreement from my parents when I just said “if you can buy a dog for me, I’ll work hard for my study”. After realized that, I deleted all words and started to write an outline for my essay, and I had more ideas when I was thinking. Therefore, it is important to prepare as much as you can before you start your inquiries. Now, preparing advanced is becoming one of the most important steps when I need to do some assignments. For example, in my class of STA 261, I tried to figure out different terminologies of “regression project”, like “Scatterplot with Regression Line” and “correlation coefficient”, then I could use the right techniques to accomplish different requirements. In the future, I think I will make a good preparing before I welcome kinds of challenges.

          Through accomplishing your assignments to practice what you learned. I learned lots of new knowledge from textbook and our professor and new techniques of kinds of software. In my opinion, each inquiry of ENG 109 gave us chance to practice what we learned in class or from our textbook. For example, after we learned  some rhetorical techniques, like pathos, ethos, logos, and kairos, we wrote Inquiry 1, which required us to write the way we use rhetorical techniques to convince people, and Inquiry 2, which required us to analyze rhetorical techniques the author used in their works. Before I wrote those inquiries, I felt confused by different rhetorical techniques and I could not distinguish them accurately because there are lots of “branches”, like emotion, real experience, logical thoughts and so on. Fortunately, I become more familiar with them and use them in correct ways. In addition, we had an interesting task, which is Inquiry 4, we were required to remediate our Inquiry 1, 2, or 3. I opened a blog and remediated Inquiry 2 to show my opinions and thoughts to my audience. This is the first time I use multimedia to accomplish an academic project, and I learned a lot, like how to open a website, how to design my website, how to make a decision of the genre of my project and so on. I appreciate that our professor can give us this task to let us challenge ourselves, and I understand practice makes perfect more deeply through assignments of ENG 109. Now, I’d like to use powerpoint to show people my opinions instead of just using written text on paper, and I think it is important for increasing my confidence by presentations. I will try to share more my opinions from academic fields, like MEDC project to others by uploading videos to YouTube and so on. I think sharing is a good thing, which not only can help others, but can get an improvement to myself.

          Modification is significant for every author who wants to show a perfect work to his or her audience. During this semester, one of our most important task to do was peer review. We needed peer review after we submitted every draft of our inquiries, and we needed to discharge our draft according to suggestions from our peer reviewers. In addition, we can get the feedback from our professor as well by commons or conferences, and I think my professor’s feedback helps me a lot for all my assignments. In order to improve our project or essay, we did presentations for Inquiry 3 and 4 in class. We brought two copies, one was self-checklist, another one needed to be completed by our peer reviewers. Actually, a presentation can not push us to think deeply about our topic and essay, but can let us become more confident and more logical when we speak in front of the public, especially when we graduate from colleges and have jobs. Go to writing center is a good way, which can improve the quality of my works as well. In writing center, I can get the feedback from the student who works in there. For example, Shannon, who worked in home writing center helped me for my Inquiry 3 essay. She suggested that I might identify the possible negative effects of thinking that talent is most important to success. What’s more, after she knew I was a little uncertain about how to give my paper a greater purpose, she suggested that if people only focus on talent, it would prevent them from making goals toward their dreams. After revised my paper, I got a better grade. Fortunately, I got a good grade in my KNH 102 class as well because I noticed the importance of modification. I made two appointments with my professor for my fall break essay, which need me to introduce a good website of losing weight. I asked some question to my professor because I was not sure that my essay was completed, like “how do you think the website I used?” I got some suggestions from my professor. After I revised my paper, I got 20 out of 20. So, do not ignore modification, it will bring success to you.

          Attaching to family and society can make your inquiries more convinced and useful. Focusing on the family and society is a requirement for all inquiries in ENG 109. This point played an important role in Inquiry 3 and 4. For example, Inquiry 3 needs me to write an essay with public arguments. To be honest, finding purpose for this essay made me feel frustrated because I could not give it an accurate definition. I could not grab the main idea of my topic accurate. My professor suggested me to think deeply because most of the opinions in my essay have been known to the public already, and my essay was too normal to absorb readers. So I went to the writing center and talked about my purpose with an American student, finally, I got my purpose, which I wanted to appeal that do not give up practicing whether you have talents or not. I want to bring energetic power to my audience. I think I need to associate more about the real life when I doing research in the future.

         Reflection about my disadvantages and skills I need to keep practicing. Actually, attaching to family and the real society is a challenge for me because I think my logical thoughts are not strong in all of my essays. I need to practice more, like I can use the exercises part from our textbook Write Today. I can list my thesis statement, supporting arguments, and counting arguments under the questions or topics. Then, I can go to the writing center or email me questions to my professor to get some suggestions. In addition, I think I need time to spend more time to practice listing Annotated Bibliographies. It will be useful in the future when I do some projects, which need I research on the Internet or in libraries.

         In conclusion, we can improve and have progressed as long as we pay attention to the tasks we need to do, and work hard for them. In addition, I’m happy to find that I’m becoming more and more academic and professional when I’m writing. Compare with Inquiry 1 and 2, my Inquiry 3 and 4 were more thoughtful and logical. This is one of the reasons why I appreciate this course. What’s more, I really appreciate our professor that she treats us very strict so that we can make a large progress after this semester. Thank you.

First Post: 14 Dec 2016


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