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Introduction of topic, angle, and purpose

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Reflections of Different Assignments


Slide 1: Hello, everyone! Today, we want to introduce the topic, angle, and purpose, which are important for your prewriting before you start to write your essay. It’s a good way to help you make a good outline , which will helpful for your writing.

Slide 2: Chapter 2 has 5 objectives:

Developing and narrow your topic to respond to any writing situation.

Develop your angle, the unique perspective you’ll bring to the topic.

Identifying your purpose, or what you want to accomplish.

Using your identified purpose to develop a thesis sentence.

Choosing the appropriate genre for your purpose.

Slide 3: Chapter 2 is about topic, angle, and purpose. In class ENG 109, students need to accomplish kinds of assignment to improve their English writing and reading skills, such as summarize and analyze articles and write their own essay.  Ask yourself from this 5 points of view, your topic, your purpose, your angle, your readers and your text. In the next 3 minutes, we will talked about these five.

Slide 4:  Firstly, let’s talked about the topic. We can ask ourselves, what am I being asked to write about?  If you hard to decide what you will write, you can draw a concept map to help you decide it. So the questions are coming, what is concept map? And how to draw a good concept map?  When you design an essay, you need a topic, which can tell you what are you writing about. A good concept will be wrote after you brainstorm, like what good characteristics this topic have, what I’m going to talk about this topic, why I choose this topic, is this topic has any connection to our society issue and so on. After getting a specific topic, you need to consider how to express your ideas and thoughts through your essay. As we all know, there are different ways to express a topic or explain a matter. So, think about different angles of how to introduce your topic. How to make your topic become more interesting or unique.  Then, let’s see how angle plays an important role in our writing. A good essay must have a well point or angle, because it will make whole essay become interesting. And next part is our purpose, we can ask ourselves before writing, What exactly is the assignment asking me to do or accomplish? This part is important in writing thesis statement, because you will need to point what is your essay’s purpose. you need to think what should you accomplish your essay, ie purpose, and write a thesis statement. Finally, choose an appropriate genre and start to write. Audience is your readers, and you want to what kind of group people to read your essays, so we need to ask, who will read this document, and what do they expect? If we answer this question very well,  and the audiences and readers are willing to read and are interested in what you write about. Context, is like we are going to taste this food is good or not. A beautiful context will give a better impression to readers. Context should be cohesively and logically, it will make readers easily to read.

Slide 5: While you start to writing down  things you already know about your topic. Then, as you begin to run out of ideas, go online and enter some of the words from your map into a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. As your map fills out, you might ask yourself whether the topic is too large for the amount of time you have available. If so, you need to narrow down topic and create some interesting ideas.

Slide 6: After all preparing works, it’s time to start writing. Knowing how to narrow down your topic is important because it can make your essay becomes more specific and academic. Developing your angles and giving your essay some clear purposes can grab your audience’s eyes easier. Last but not the least, choosing an appropriate gender makes you feeling easy when you writing and organizing your essay.

Slide 7: There are some exercises after every chapter, which is a good way to practice the knowledge that you learned in class or by the book.

Slide 8: Thank you for your listening.


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