Inquiry 2- Rhetorical Analysis

“Old” Women and Marriage

Nowadays, there are more and more women, who over 30 years old, choose no marriage or get marry later. But this group of women’s parents are worried about their daughters and push their daughters to marry someone as soon as possible in kind of ways. Some people think disagree with this point. In addition, they think age cannot be the key point of pushing those women who over 30-year-old still have not get married. In recent years of China, this problem has became more and more common. Getting marry late is totally not only occurs in China, it is happened all over the world, like in Britain, the age of women marry for the first time is climbing(“Mandy, Francis”) and it almost arrive at 30s to 40s.

           After watching the video, which show the audience there is a group of women who have not marry someone when they are get the age that she should, like 25 years old or older. I find there are rhetorical techniques in it used by different family members when they try to convince their families, like pathos (people’s different feelings and emotions), ethos (people’s real life experiences and SK-II is a famous cosmetics company and its influence is big), and logos (logical thoughts).

The video is an advertisement, or we can see it as a small documentary of SK-II. It shows that a group of women who should marry someone before they become “old”( 25-year-old or above, and this is a concept that different people can have different definition of it); otherwise, their parents or relatives will urge them and let them go to blind dates. Some interviewees think the reason of this difference is the gap between the traditional concept and modern concept. After daughters compromised and agreed to go to the marriage corner, which was a place that people have blind dates, even though they were unwilling to go; their parents allowed waiting them find their real love. This company’s purpose is although those women’s parents love their daughters and their daughters love them as well, those women have rights to be respected and choose their real love.

The author uses pathos in the text by background music and emotion. During the conversation between interviewer and interviewees, we can see smile and tears when women talk about their feelings. These are  strong emotions that audience can touch and feel when they watch the video. What’s more, the rhythm of the background music sometimes hurried, sometimes soothing so that audience can follow the feelings, which author want to express such as sad, happy, or struggled. At the end, daughters start to understand their parents and then deliver their introduction to men’s parents. This is a progress for them because they do not want their parents worried about them anymore. This part shows traditional family affection that disobey is unfilial. On the contrary, audience are easy to see daughters still unwilling to go to the marriage corner and they do not want to get marriage rush according to their talking. All of these feelings are analyzed from people’s emotion, facial expression; video’s background music and so on. Thus, pathos is important in this video.

The author uses ethos in the text by filial duty, which is a traditional culture in China, and the fame of SK-II. The reason why those women and their parents divide on whether marry someone early or not is there exists a gap between them(traditional and modern). Different times have different culture and background. During that video, parents always use filial duty to urge their daughters marry somebody. They says filial duty is tradition and obeying parents is daughters’ duty. However, their daughters desire their real love or freedom life. Some women even do not want to get married because they are enjoying their single life.  Because of the traditional concept, daughter’s  marriage decided by her parents. Daughters  have to marry someone as long as their parents say yes, even though they have not see their husbands before. In addition, as a famous cosmetic company, SK-II makes this video have more influence. It can impacts not only Chinese, but also the people who live all over the world and struggled with this problem. Thus, people can share their opinions and experiences with different cultural background and those women’s parents might find a good way to solve it. These are the analyzing of ethos.

The author uses logos in the text because there are logic thoughts in the text from the beginning to the end. The group of women explain why they not get married, some of them have not found their true love yet and they do not want to marry somebody they do not very like; some of them even do not plan to have marriage, they enjoy their single life. After that, interviewees become their parents, and they say do not get married or marry someone too late disobey filial duty. Parents hope their daughter marry a man as soon as possible and have their own children. This is a continue of life. Following what parents’ saying, daughters refuse to accept that opinion and they desire freedom. After all, the relationship between parents and children is not ordinary, it is undivided. Thus, daughters agree to change their informations to other men in the marriage corner, which is a public place where parents list advertisements for their children with the aim of finding a marital spouse for them. People then congregate there and read the listings, often in the hope of finding a marital match(“Wikipedia”), and they start to try blind dates. But those women still do not want to give up the right that find true love. So, this part shows the logical thinking of this text, which called logos.

In conclusion, rhetorical techniques are everywhere in this text, like pathos, ethos, and logos, as long as you can find elements of them. Pathos used effectively and heavily in this text because there are kind of emotions and feelings of different group of people. After watching this video, I think everyone may have reverse psychology. Parents need to think about why their daughters do not want to get marry and daughters need to consider about their parents that they love them so that they want them get marry and have a happy family.

About the logical fallacies. This video do not mention men. There are some men who do not want to get marry early in our life as well due to some reasons. Some of them want to pay off their mortgage and save some bucks before they get marry because they want to give their wives a better life. In addition, those men who get marry later are more mature, but they are more stubborn when they need to make a compromises to help their marriage(“Dye Lee”). Therefore, not only some women who want to get marry later, but some men do not want to have a wife before they are ready.

First post: 10 Oct 2016

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Inquiry 1-Rhetoric and Me


Rhetoric happens everywhere, everyday as long as people need it to convince someone or achieve their rhetorical aims. I often use it as well. For example, one day, my little brother, who was a primary school student, did not want to review his English book and do his homework because he wanted to play computer games. As we all know, he had not enough power to control himself when faced with the lure of video games because he was a child. So I tried to persuade and help him in my way.

Firstly, I told him a story, which was the experience of one of my middle school classmate’s. My classmate was a smart boy and he was one of the top 10 students in our class. Everything was good until he became addicted to computer games. He had no interest to study and he did not do his homework. As time went by, his grades became C’s even D’s from A’s. Finally, he could not get into high school, say nothing of university. He had to find jobs after he realized that he could not play computer games anymore because he needed to make living. But guess what? He could only do some jobs that needed his strength rather than knowledge, like manual labor. What were we doing when he was removing someone’s furniture? We were learning knowledge, which could help us have a good job and life. The reason why I use this example is because I want to scare him if he does not work hard and finish his homework, he could not have a good life in the future.

Actually, I was not successful at that time because he was too young to think about his future. My brother said “why Ma Yun is a successful businessman even though he’s grades were terrible?” I told my brother that “you only see that he did not go to college because his grades, but what about his effort? Do you know he learned English 12 hours every day after he failed the college entrance examination? Do you know he was learning Economics when his  competitors were falling asleep?” My brother contemplated a couple of minutes and said “well, I’m going to do my homework.” Fortunately, my brother stopped playing computer games and started to do his homework. The reason why this time I succeeded was because my rhetorical choices were able to convince him.

Now, I want to show you how I use rhetorical techniques during persuading my brother. I try to use “logos” to tell him “if you work hard, you will have a great life”, and I think this is logical because everyone knows that you need to work hard to making your life better. What’s more, I use “pathos” to convince him. I said “if you just playing computer games instead of studying, maybe you could not get into high school, saying nothing of university. I threaten my brother that if he keeping to play video games, he will have no chance to go to high school and college to learn more knowledge.  By using logos and pathos, I was able to convince my brother to change his ways.

Except these two ways to persuade my brother, I can tell him that if you do not finish your homework, you cannot play computer games anymore as a punishment. It is a good way to get him do his homework even though he may be unwilling to do his homework. I want to bring out the facts and reasons to him and let him accept with pleasure. In addition, I can just leave him alone because after several weeks, his grades will indicate everything. If his grades get worse, it is easier to persuade him to work hard and stop playing games. On the contrary, if his grades are good, maybe he can play computer games.

After I learned some rhetorical terms,  I recognized that it not only can be used in writing, but it can also be used in movies, speaking, newspapers and so on. In addition, it is important to use rhetoric when you need to achieve different rhetorical aims. Like my brother and I, I need to persuade him to stop playing computer games and finish his homework. I can choose different ways to persuade different type of people in different situations. For example, If I want to find a part-time job on campus, I need another rhetorical technique to convince my parents. May be I will use ethos to show them I could become well if I have a job. I will collect some information on the Internet, which can confirm that university students can improve themselves if they earn money by themselves.

Finally, I want to share with you that writing an article needs to think about the readers, and which rhetorical technique can make your readers more interested in your article.

First Post: 12 Sep 2016